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About us

    Koyilandy Coconut Producer Company formed in Koyilandy taluk from the members of Coconut Producers’ Societies and Coconut Producers Federations from five blocks namely Koyilandy, Perambra, Balussery, Panthalayani, and Malady. This is the fifth company formed under Coconut Development Board. The nine federations of the Producers Companies are Naderi Coconut Producers Federation , Balussery Popular Federation , Perambra Coconut Producers Federation , United Federation of Coconut Producers Society , Panthalayani Block Federation of Coconut Producers Society , Kavunthara Federation of Coconut Producers Society, Malady Block Level Federation of Coconut Producers Society , Balussery Block Federation of Coconut Producers Society and Mahatma Coconut Producers Federation. The total Coconut Producers Society covers under the company are 97 with 7306 beneficiaries. There are five first directors of the company and five shareholders

    The main objective of the company are to build a prosperous and sustainable coconut sector by forming a farmer owned Producer Company that enables the farmers to enhance productivity through efficient cost effective and sustainable resource use. Further to carry on the business of producing, procuring, pooling, grading, handling, packaging, manufacturing, marketing, purchasing, importing, exporting, developing and dealing in tender coconut, coconut, coconut based, coconut tree based goods, products and articles from Members of the company.

    Quilandy (Koyilandy) is a Municipal City, the Capital of old Kurmbrandu in the northern side of Kerala, 20 KM from Calicut on NH17 towards Mangalore. Quilandy found a place in the History with the discovery of sea route to India by the Portuguese traveler Vasco Da Gama, who landed at Kappad beach (8 km from town) in 1498. The discovery of this sea route gave a significant advantage of international trade from India especially to the Europe. It was the spices and wealth of Malabar that first brought the Arabs, the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Portuguese, the Dutch and the English to Kerala. Koyilandy is well connected by road as the NH 17(Calicut to Mangalore) passes through the town. State highways from Quilandy to Wyanad (through Balussery) and to Perambra are also connecting Quilandy to various destinations. Total Villages in Quilandy Taluk is 36.